Intercambio Carmencita Bar Speaking Languages Madrid

Carmencita Bar Hamburgesa Madrid

Discovering a new place to eat, meet nice people and have a good time is great. This happened to me yesterday at Carmencita Bar.
Every Tuesday they have an Intercambio Night, where you can go and meet new people and practice languages.
The participants of these intercambios are mostly from the United States and Spain. The atmosphere is always very relaxed and the people are very friendly.
You get introduced to people by the host who will help you to socialize.
Beside that they offer brunch on Saturday (they say it is the best in town) and serve you delicious hamburgesas to a fair price.
I found this place at Spotted by Locals, my first choice when I travel somewhere new in Europe.

Intercambio Bar Carmencita

Carmencita Bar is organized in the bar area with the kitchen and the restaurant where you can have dinner. It is close to Noviciado Metro and not far from the Malasaña barrio or Conde Duque, depending where you are heading that night, it is a perfect stop.
On Tuesdays they offer their Mango Bellinis for 1€ and the host helps you to integrate into the groups of people and meet new friends.

Carmencita Bar opened in December 2010 and they have Intercambio Nights since September 2011. You should definitely check this place out on your next night out in Madrid.If you want to discover an interesting neighbourhood in Madrid, Carmencita Bar is the righ place to start.
It lies directly between Malasana and Conde Duque. Conde Duque is the artistic barrio of Madrid.
Here you find the design museum, galleries and a more peaceful night life in the city.

Carmencita Bar
C/ San Vincente Ferrer 51
28015 Madrid
Metro Noviciado
+34 915 23 80 73


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