Den Haag Inside

Den Haag is probably one of the best cities to life in The Netherlands. You have the queen next door, most of the tourists prefer Amsterdam, a beach to go jogging or swimming in summer, international flair and coffee shops around every corner. The main attraction in Den Haag is the parliament (The Binnenhof) and its surrounding buildings.

The Binnenhof

Wandering the streets you encounter many interesting things to see. In 2010 I visited Den Haag in summer and had the impression of the city to have a relaxed but not empty atmosphere, where people enjoy walking around and sitting on terraces.

On my way through the streets of Den Haag I found some nice artistic sand constructions showing famous Dutch artists and paintings. Traffic is very low in Den Haag and many people are using their bikes to get around. This winter they had two metallic roses hanging between two buildings as decoration. In my opinion they are ver y pretty and make me stop and do a picture. I don’t know the meaning or the purpose, but they remind of my mother drying roses she got as a present to use them later as decoration at home.

In winter the city’s shopping passage is hosting a big christmas tree. I like this passage because it looks like your inside an expensive shopping center. This year I didn’t have a christmas tree and it felt a bit empty on christmas without it. For this reason maybe I like to have one I can visit or watch once in a while even though it is not mine. The one in Den Haag is a good substitution for the missing one in my home.

One of the things I like best about Den Haag is that you can go to Scheveningen. Scheveningen is a district nearby the Den Haag, where you have the beach and the boulevard with many restaurants along it. In summer it is very nice to come here and spend some time on the beach. It is very long, great for walks, and you can always find an empty space.


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