Dressing for the Dutch Wind

All day Wind and Rain makes you stay inside

This year in The Netherlands I experienced some real Dutch weather. Wind, rain and cold. If you combine this three you get a reason to stay inside and wait for the weather to improve. With only to of them you might stand it outside more than half an hour. Our plans to go to Amsterdam had to be canceled because of a storm coming up and the weather being just awful.

We decided to go to the cinema instead but after 10 minutes rain, wind and getting totally wet we turned and fought our way back home. The next day we went to Den Haag without any rain but a strong wind waiting behind every high building for us.

It reminds me of pics from Peru

This was when I realized that I should improve my wind protection. I needed at least a cap with some extra protection for the ear and a windstopper for my head.

I encountered this hat at Noa Noa for 40€. I liked they way it looked on me immediately and it is perfect for windy weather.


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