Being a Tourist in Gouda

Tourist in Gouda

Many of you know Gouda without having been there. It is a town between Den Haag and Utrecht but everybody knows it for the cheese.

Gouda Shop

The best time to go to Gouda is when they have the Cheese market. You can see the Gouda presented on the market square and watch old man fighting for the best price. There are girls in traditional costumes, horses, Dutch cookies, cheese stands, you can try Herring and have your weight measured with a traditional cheese weighing machine.

On the Gouds Market

Many people come to see the cheese and the traditional argument between the cheese producer and the retailer on the market square. Many of this people are from The Netherlands so that we didn’t feel that much like tourists. Gouda is an attraction also for Dutch people.

Fresh Gouda for sale










I like the costumes of the girls with their cute white hats and wooden shoes, I wouldn’t buy the shoes as a souvenir but the ones you can use as a key pendant are cute.

At home I don’t normally check my weight but the way you can do it in Gouda is very special. They have an old cheese weighing machine and you get a certificate with your weight in pounds and your name.

Get your weight measured here

If you want to be a Gouda for 5 minutes this is the best way to do it 😉

Besides the cheese, Gouda has some nice canals to get away from the crowded center.

Ships waiting where cars are parked normally

On special thing I liked very much in Gouda were the Dutch muffins. They had a many cookies and little cakes for sale at the market but the muffins are quite an eye catcher.

On our way back we headed to the central station where we encountered the typical Dutch bike parking space with many bikes waiting for their owners. I think it is nice that so many people use their bikes here, even in small cities or towns you will find many bikes everywhere.


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