Warsaw in Pictures Part 1

I went to visit Warsaw in 2009. Even though I am originally from Poland I never had the chance to really explore the country. My parents went to visit my grandparents in Gdynia a couple of times but beside that we didn’t travel a lot in Poland. That’s why I wanted to go and see something new and build my own opinion about the country.

some minutes before landing

I lived in the student building in the jewish quarter. It was situated 10 minutes with the bus from the city centre.

jewish monument in the jewish district

I had my own room and paid for five days 60€. This price included a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom.

the Russian Monument, one of the ugliest buildings

I encountered some of the things I remember from my childhood in Poland like the Fiat which was used by every driving school.

Many things are typical for Poland. Like the importance of the catholic church. Other personalities will never be forgotten.

Nikolaus Kopernikus
Warsaw in the 18th century

Monuments and pictures of Saints and Popes are following your way to the old city centre along Nowy Swiat.

The university was rebuilt like the rest of the old city centre. For me it is one of the most charming places in the centre.

Faculty of Fine Arts
Have a seat

The army has been an important part in Polish life and is still present at some places.

not a real one but not very usual in a university garden

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