Delft Pictures from The Netherlands

Delft Pictures

Today we will be visiting friends in Delft. Delft is a cute town with many canals and you can see people driving around in their houseboats. In the center they have a high church tower from which you can see the entire town and its surroundings. Some Delft Pictures for you all.

Delft Pictures
delft picutres on our way to the center of Delft
Delft PicturesDelft Canal house boat
Delft Pictures
Delft Pictures
Delft Pictures
Delft Pictures

The view from the top of the church is very nice and due to the fact that The Netherlands are pretty flat, you can see quite far. Perfect to make some Delft Pictures. Back on the ground we encountered a typical Dutch view.  I really enjoyed our trip to Delft. It is a very peaceful city with frinedly people and many interesting things to discover. It is also very typically Dutch with the high amount of bikes and the cute little houses. Delft is definitely worth a trip and on Christmas it looks so beautiful with the Xmas decoration.


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