Basel Photography – Some of Basel's nicest views

Basel Photography
Basel Photography
Basel Photography – Grossbasel with the Münster

Basel is situated on the border to Germany and France giving it a very mixed society speaking French, German and the Swiss dialect or “Mundart” how they call it here. It is divided by the Rhine into Grossbasel and Kleinbasel.

Historically Basel is the starting point for the settlement in Switzerland which started around 2000 years ago. The first signs of it were found on the Grossbasel side where now the Novartis campus can be found. More from Basel Photography.

Basel Photography
Kleinbasel as seen from the Pfalz behind the Münster

Walking around in Basel’s old city centre you can find building dating back to the 15th century and older. Freie Strasse, which is now the shopping street of Grossbasel,was used as a tax-free way to bring trade goods to the Rhine from where they would be transported by ship.Basel Photography

In summer they have free concerts featuring new and already popular bands. The stage is build up on the river so that the crowd meets at the riviera on the Kleinbasel side.

Basel Photography
On of many concerts seen from Grossbasel
Basel Photography
From Kleinbasel by Sunset

The concerts are happening around the first of August and last for a month. The first of August is the swiss national day where you can see many people coming to Basel from the villages and over the border from France and Germany. There are also traditional concerts like the Alphorns and a firework you can watch from Johanniter Bridge that starts around 10 pm.

Basel Photography
Alphorn players in traditional clothing

Basel Photography
People meet on the Johanniter bridge to see the fireworks

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