Traditional Polish Christmas Dinner

Traditional Polish Christmas Dinner

My parents live now 25 years in Germany but still when it comes to catholic holidays they celebrate them like they would in Poland.

Polish Borsch with Uschka

When it comes to Christmas eve (24th) no meat will be eaten. They decorate the house like other people but put an extra plate on the table. This plate is for the case that somebody who didn’t manage to get home on Christmas knocks on the door. He will be given to eat, to drink and treated nicely.

Kopitka and beef, he mushrooms are missing on the photo

The menu consists of borsch followed by fish and a desert. It doesn’t sound so interesting but my parents have the same menu for as long as I can remember.

We went to visit them on the 25th and this is the second day they celebrate Christmas. This time there will be meat and kopitka, a kind of gnocchi but the Polish version.

never missing the Médoc to the red meat
every year my mother makes her Chocolate Hearts








Any Idea what this is? Write your tips in a comment




As entrée we had borsch with uschka, which are small pierogi that look a bit like ravioli. And cookies for desert.At my parents place there is always something to do while I wait for dinner. Playing with the cats, looking for the things my parents bought since the last time I visited or all the small things my mother got herself at the local vintage markets.

chinese Candle holder?

Here are some special Christmas decoration ideas from my parents place:


4 thoughts on “Traditional Polish Christmas Dinner

  1. What an interesting read! But I really have no idea at all on the two gadgets. Are you going to disclose the mystery in your next post?

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