Xmas Market in Basel

Spending Xmas in Basel is mostly a cold experience when you come from a warmer country like me. Having cold feet and putting on a big amount of extra warm clothes to keep away the freeze is nothing special here. The last year I got used to the warm temperatures in Madrid so that the difference in temperature seems to affect even more now. Sunday we went walking through the Xmas market to have a look what they offer and maybe find the last missing present for the relatives. We got cold feet but also some pretty pictures from the area around Barfüsserplatz.

Singer from the doll museum









There was also some traditional swiss food for sale. Cheese, ham and sausages from the mountains.







And of course some specialties from Basel, Basler Leckerli, which is a special recipe for gingerbread sold pure or with flavours lemon and chocolate. Over the years the Leckerlihuus created more different kinds of Leckerli which can be bought packed as christmas presents here at the market.









3 thoughts on “Xmas Market in Basel

  1. Nice pictures! I really miss Weichnachtsmarkt in Basel ! Maybe I’ll try to make some gluehwein here just to recall that atmosphere…

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