Vintage Love #2

My favourite Handbag is yellow

As I posted before I want to write about the vintage bargains I made up to know. My favourite handbag is one of them. It is not the bag I use every day but the one I see as the most elegant and stylish I posses.

I bought it at a flea market in Germany for around 70€. It was not a question of the price, if I should buy it but more of the fact that I had to get some money from the ATM before anybody else buys it before me.

The inside is unique and the lining is made of soft leather

The most fascinating is of course the shape of the bag. Because of the shape you cannot put it down but have to hold in on your knees when you sit down  or in your hands. I especially like the color of the bag, which is more a pale yellow than the very strong yellow which is used nowadays for handbags.

all the great details

Opening the bag you find enough space for a purse, a cellphone, keys and a lipstick. The lining is very soft and the net holding everything in place is a special detail I adore. Outside the bag they used the same leather for the buttons like for the bag.

I cannot say anything about the brand or the age but I have not seen another yellow bag till now that would be able to replace this. It is in very good condition which probably explains the price.


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