When shoes become art

Window of Manolo Blahnik Madrid

Once upon a time there was a girl in a country far, far away, who told us a story about her kind.These women where living on an isle and they were fabulous. She told us they were independent, paying their own taxes, looking brilliant in their designer clothes and walking on a foundation that made all their lives complete (beside the fact that they were desperately looking for their princes).  That was how a long journey started and how many women got familiar with an important Spanish designer. The girl was Carry Bradshaw, and the Isle is Manhattan and we all know on what they were walking around, these fabulous women. One pair of  Manolo Blahniks.

From the fist SaC movie

When I went with some not Spanish friends to Vogue Fashion Night Out Madrid for the first time, we passed by the shop on C/Serrano. It was closed and all we could see was the sign that behind these doors the world of shoe heaven begins 🙂 . Next time I went to C/Serrano I was more lucky. The doors were open and I could have a look at the window of the shop. The most beautiful shoes were shown on stairs looking like pieces of art.

Art or just framed sketches?

Hanging on the walls were framed sketches made by the designer and till now I have always seen one pair of the shoes Carry was walking around with in Sex and the City.  You might think I am just another girl getting mad about some shoes hardly anybody can afford, but for me going to Manolo Blahnik, and only if it is for looking at the shoes from outside the store, is a special experience. I adore the creativity and the details the shoes are made with and that they look so beautiful but are also made for walking around. When I went once (I have been three times by now an I live in Madrid 14 months, so it’s not so bad 😉 ) to have a glimpse, a woman with her husband where standing behind me. He asked his wife which pair she wanted and she told him: “All of them”. I turned around and agreed with her. There exists no reason to ask this question. If we could have them we would take them all 😉 So I would suggest that if somebody comes to Madrid for power shopping, to stop by to admire this view for a little while, to see that not the quantity but the quality is important when it comes to clothes and many other things.


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