Campo de Moro – The Royalty on the Mosquito Path

Campo de Moro

Most people who come to Madrid go and visit the royal palace. It is a very beautiful palace indeed and with the gardens of Sabatini in front of it an attraction which shouldn’t be missed. Hardly any of those tourists visits the backyard of the royal palace, el Campo de Moro. This garden is a perfect escape inside the city. It is beautifully arranged and the view of the palace is amazing.
Campo de Moro

Campo de Moro Campo de Moro

You can sit in the garden or walk on the different paths former kings of Spain have been walking on. My favourite is the paseo de los mosquitos, which leads you away from the palace. Campo de Moro is surrounded by trees which makes it look like the beginning of a forest and give some cool comfort on hot summer days.

Campo de Moro

Don’t miss the little crowns on the trash baskets, everything here is different from the other side of the palace 😉 .

To get to the park you can take one of the bus lines that passes Principe Pío station or go directly with the metro or train (Renfe).

The gardens name is Campo de Moro Madrid , and the entrance is free.


4 thoughts on “Campo de Moro – The Royalty on the Mosquito Path

  1. Yo he tenido la suerte de pasar mi infancia jugando en los jardines porque mis abuelos vivían en la misma Plaza de Oriente…Qué recuerdos me han traido tus fotos. Creo que es un lugar mágico!

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