Vintagelove #1

Vintage Vogue Covers on C/Serrano

When I arrived in Madrid I didn’t know what to expect when it came to clothes and fashion. I realized very fast that women in Madrid care a lot about wearing the latest fashion. I enjoy dressing up and therefore like that people here care about what they put on every day. For many young women shopping is not only a necessity but also a hobby or pleasure. Here I had the impression that it is something the girls do as soon as they have some free time. In Spain exist many high street brands and it is tempting to go shopping every season at low prices even if you know that next year you won’t use the clothes any more. I once heard a story that a girl just buys all the bikinis in one store every year because they are so cheap and then just wears another every time she goes to the pool. Of course 90% of them will be thrown away after summer. So how can they afford it? It is very easy to spend all your money on clothes when you have a job and live and eat at your parents place. You don’t even have to earn enough to make a living.With the prices for an apartment in Madrid I am not telling everybody to move out of their parents house, this is not possible. Neither do I think that buying at high street is something to be ashamed of. It is not. Just the fact of buying and throwing away doesn’t seem right to me. I am sure this is not only the case in Madrid or Spain but I realized it here very fast. The clothes don’t really have too much value it is only important to have many and the latest fashion.

So what has vintage love to do with it? I enjoy shopping as many other girls do, but I don’t see why I have to buy low quality or have a high amount of clothes that I will throw away after a season or two. But buying quality is not really cheap. This is the moment where vintage comes in. Of course I am not the first one having this idea, but I want to show here what bargains I made during the last years and how this pieces have risen in value just because I can wear them on many occasions and always look good in them. I hope you get some inspiration 🙂


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