El Jardin Secreto-The Secret Garden

El Jardin Secreto Madrid


Did you ever want to go to a secret garden and find out what it is hiding? Well, there is one Secret Garden here in Madrid and when you enter it you’ll understand why it is called El Jardin Secreto. It is not a garden with plants and labyrinths but a restaurant with furniture collected on travels from all over the world, and a menu that makes chocolate lovers scream with delight.

Double Orgasm is a combination of two brownies
Double Orgasm is a combination of two brownies and ice-cream





La muerte de chocolate and el orgasmo doble are just two of the many plates they offer  and certainly live up to their promising names.

Flower Salad
Flower Salad




If chocolate is not what you like then their flower salad (ensalada de flores) will surprise you instead.

El Jardin Secreto

C/ de Conde Duque 2, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Metro Noviciado


3 thoughts on “El Jardin Secreto-The Secret Garden

  1. Se lo acabo de recomendar a una persona que me preguntaba en mi blog un sitio bonito para celebrar su cumpleaños con su novio…yo me lo apunto también! Gracias

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